South Korean nail art is known for their captivating collection of blinged manicures. Have you ever wondered if their crystals and gems actually stayed? The truth is YES, they do last but there are two secret ingredients allowing this to happen. Depending on the size of the crystals and gems, with the help of Jin.B Crazy Top Thick and Clear Fix Gel they will be sure to last up to four weeks! In this blog, we will help you determine which clear gel is suitable for you.

The Jin.B Crazy Top Thick is designed to be used as a non-wipe overlay and top gel. Its thick viscosity helps encapsulate nail art without causing any bubbles. Additionally, this gel is great for adhering external parts including chains, pixie crystals, charms and diamanté gems. Can also be used to create 3D nail designs!

Simply apply this 2-in-1 clear and top gel over the entire nail attach your precious parts and cure. Complete your design with another coat of Jin.B Crazy Top Thick to ensure your placement stays in place. Layers beautifully and will not cause the gems to discolour or become yellow. Bonus - super glossy, glass like clarity and is even scratch resistant! Available in both standard and thick and crafted in the form of a bottle and jar. 

The Jin.B Clear Fix Gel works well with the Jin.B Crazy Top Thick. This clear gel is much thicker in comparison and can be 'scooped' out to adhere larger parts and charms. Apply this clear gel around each charm including the sides, gaps to secure each placement. 

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