$24.00 AUD

Part of the Leav basics series, the Leav Soft Matte Top Gel was brought to life after conducting countless tests. A Non-wipe Matte Top gel is a must-have in your collection to complete any chrome nail design. This durable top coat offers a velvet finish, whilst preventing chipping and peeling for long-lasting nails. Bonus, shaking isn't required before use due to the tiny matte particles. 

Refer to video for more information.

- Leav Soft Matte Top Gel
- Controlled viscosity 
- Smooth application
- No air bubbles
- Non-toxic, 10-free and cruelty-free
- Scratch resistant 
- Non-wipe top gel 
- Ergonomic grip 

Directions of use:
60s UV/LED


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